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葬儀 花

Post-funeral support care

What you need after the funeral

We value support care after the funeral.

After the funeral, many formalities continue. We can also assist you with consultations regarding memorial services after the funeral, and introduce you to memorial advisors for funerals and administrative scriveners specializing in inheritance matters. At Sosen, we will fully support you until the end to reduce your burden.




Procedures such as name change


Legal procedures such as inheritance


Memorial service/memorial service/interment

*Link to SOU-SEN's corporate website.

Support up to 49 days after the deceased's death


We can assist with the return of funeral gifts and condolences, prepare the memorial tablets and Buddhist altars, and provide guidance on the preparation and construction of tombstones.

Addition and return of funeral gifts

Additional memorial services may need to be added at short notice after the funeral. Sosen also accepts additions and returns of bulk memorial items.


Return of condolences

Returning condolences is a way of expressing gratitude to everyone who attended the funeral and remembering the deceased, and to report that the deceased has passed away safely. At Sosen, we can also help with preparing items. We also have a wide variety of gifts that you can choose from our catalog.


Honjo tile/Buddhist altar

Both the main tablet and the Buddhist altar can be prepared at Sosen. The plain wood tablet used at the funeral is replaced with the main tablet at the memorial service. If you are purchasing a new Buddhist altar, please ask a monk to perform an eye-opening offering.


Preparation and construction of gravestones

Tombstones come in a variety of materials and shapes. The characters inscribed on tombstones also differ depending on the sect. Please contact Sosen staff for details.

funeral flowers

In order to reduce your burden, we will support you with all post-funeral procedures and memorial services.

For more information, please contact us by phone or via the inquiry form on our website.

*Link to 's corporate website.

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