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With trust and track record
Reliable total support

Since 1980

Co., Ltd. SOU-SEN


Don't worry if it's your first time attending a funeral or you don't know anything.

SOU-SEN staff will support you from the beginning.


For most people, this is their first time attending a funeral.

"What should I do?" "What do I need?" "I don't have time to prepare for something sudden."

I think many people have such concerns.

Our staff will be happy to assist you in alleviating your concerns and concerns.


SOU-SEN's funeral

Total support with peace of mind and proven results

Prior consultation

  • Identify a funeral home you can trust

  • You can fully express your wishes regarding the funeral.

  • You can know the costs in advance

  • Preliminary consultation will turn your anxiety into peace of mind.


Support after the funeral

  • We support various post-death administrative procedures, inheritance, memorial services, memorial service preparations, etc.

  • We are working on "grief care support" to help you overcome your sadness and move on to a new life.


Funeral assistance

  • We will have detailed discussions with an experienced funeral director who assists with over 1,400 funerals a year.

  • Rather than a set plan, we will create a cost-effective estimate based on "what you need, in just the amount you need."


*Link to SOU-SEN's corporate website.

Funeral Hall

​There are 14 halls in Tottori Prefecture (Tottori City, Iwami District, Yonago City, Sakaiminato City, Hino-gun )

​Shimane Prefecture (Matsue City and Yasugi City)

​We handle a variety of funerals including family funerals, general funerals, home funerals, temple funerals, and large-scale funerals.


Family funeral

5自宅葬 AdobeStock_50019667.png

Home funeral

2一般葬アイコン AdobeStock_50019667.png

General funeral

6寺葬 AdobeStock_50019667.png

Temple funeral

3社葬アイコン AdobeStock_50019667.png

Company funeral

7火葬式 AdobeStock_50019667.png

Cremation ceremony

4大規模葬アイコン AdobeStock_50019667.png

Large scale funeral


Support for all religions

*Link to SOU-SEN's corporate website.

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